Summer is here, and as folks transition out of quarantine, they might start searching for a new car. Now is a great time to buy from Toyota of Fayetteville. With our Spring into Summer Specials, you can start your deal at a comfortable point. Invest in a new Toyota now and enjoy a deferred first-month payment for up to 90 days. Shoppers can also lease for low monthly rates, with low APR. Visit Toyota of Fayetteville today to take advantage of our Spring into Summer Sales Event. You can find us on West Showroom Derive in Fayetteville, AR.

Deferred Monthly Payments

Many of our customers are beginning to return to work after furloughing. Others might simply need a few days or weeks to balance their budget. If you're looking to buy a new Toyota, you can save through the event of this sale. Buy a new Toyota and pay nothing for the first 90 days if you qualify. When combined with your trade, you will enjoy an easy start to your deal. These savings give you time to work out your finances and balance your family's budget.

New Leasing Opportunities

Looking to start fresh with a new lease deal? We have savings for potential lessees as well. Lease a new Toyota sedan, truck, or SUV for low monthly payments. Enjoy reduced payments on 36-month contracts for a new Toyota Corolla or RAV4. Shoppers can also lease for 60 months and enjoy low to no APR. If you prefer leasing for short-term convenience, we can make you a great deal. To get started, you can apply online for pre-approval or start financing through the Penske Preferred Purchase system.

Start Saving Today

Whether financing or leasing, savings await in Fayetteville, AR. Visit Toyota of Fayetteville today to take advantage of the Spring into Summer Specials Program. Start your deal online to lock in these deals and visit us today!