Make Memories That Last with These Road Trip Games

While it's true that, years from now, your kids will only remember the happy parts of family vacations, in the meantime, it's still good to try and have as few negative moments as possible. One way to minimize mishaps is to provide fun games for your family to play as you head out of town. Here are some of the games that we at Toyota of Fayetteville suggest.

For a quick and straightforward game, "Rock, Paper, Scissors" is always a treat. You can change up the game by adding new items to the mix that have different rules. Plus, you can create tournaments where winners can face different competitors. If that's a little too tame (or short), try the game "Rule." This game has each passenger making up a silly and fun rule that everyone in the car has to follow. For example, the rule may be "any time you see a cow, you have to moo loudly." This game will keep everyone busy searching the side of the road and laughing at the random outbursts of family members.

While road trip games are fun, it's important not to play games with your family's safety. Before leaving, stop by our service center to receive a thorough vehicle inspection.



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